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Shahi Rabdi Recipe

A simple version of the traditional Shahi rabdi (rabri). Take a look at this preparation of Shahi Rabdi recipe, you’ll love to prepare repeatedly.

A traditional method of making Rabri recipe

If you’ve never tasted rabdi (or rabri, as some people call it), picture a sweet, creamy milk-based delicacy with saffron infusion and a crunchy nut topping. Rabdi can be enjoyed on its own or with Gulab jamun, jalebis, and malpuas.

Rabri is said to have originated in Mathura but was perfected in Varanasi. In India, there are many distinct varieties of it, but Basundi, a thinner, less creamy variety of rabdi, is the most widely consumed.

Rabdi sweet recipe

Traditionally way of cooking rabdi involves, boiling milk over low heat while being constantly stirred to create rabdi. The water content of the milk decreases during cooking, and the cream begins to float to the top. A side spatula is used to gather the cream. You keep swirling and heating the mixture until you get a creamy, caramelised mixture.

Due to the constant stirring required, this process can take longer than one hour. But the final result is worth the waiting.

Watch this preparation and you will love it

In case rabdi thickened more, you can add milk later to reach desire consistency

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