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Mathura Peda Recipe

No other Peda in the world can substitute while comparing to the mouth-watering flavour of Mathura Peda. The taste of Mathura Peda requires can make you crave to consume more and more. In this video I am going to prepare the Mathura Peda. You’ll love it!

Cow milk was the primary ingredients which was used in traditional Mathura peda recipe. But now a days, buffalo milk is also used to make Mathura Peda. It is made with Tagar (powdered sugar) and Mawa (dry milk). You can get both the ingredients readily at supermarkets near you or you can prepare them yourself at home.

Mathura Peda Recipe

When preparing Mathura Peda, don’t forget to fry or roast Mawa as much as you can. Mawa’s shelf life extends the more when it is fried or roasted. When roasting or frying Mawa, add little amounts of milk or ghee from time to time to make the process easier. In my own experience, I suggests that frying mawa in ghee is better while compared to frying it in milk. So let’s get Mathura Peda ready.

2 ltr full fat milk
2 tbsp sugar granules
1/4th cup tagar/sugar powder
1 tsp cardamom powder(optional)

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