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Blue Curacao Mocktail

Blue Curacao Mocktail is a popular drink served all over the world. It is a mixture of vodka, blue curacao and lime juice. In this video I am going to prepare a non-alcoholic version of Blue Curacao Mocktail that can be served for your kids.

In the below video you can see the process of preparing easy mocktails at home


  • Sliced lemon (4 Lemons)
  • Half litre Soda
  • Sugar syrup
  • Blue curacao syrup
  • Ice cubes

Sugar syrup can be made at home easily by heating equal quantity of sugar and water in a pan


You can make it by following these easy steps (For each glass):

Step 1: First, Add 2 or 3 lemon in glass and crush it well.

Step 2: Then, Add 11/2 spoon of Blue curacao syrup

Step 3: Add sugar syrup as per your taste

Step 4: Stir it well

Step 5: Then add some cubes and soda water

Finally, stir it well and serve it chilled

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